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Lauranne Gy Renucci

Passionate about photography, writing and traveling, Lauranne Gy Renucci’s career has made a logical turn into journalism. Photo-journalism, video, timelaps, the news correspondent is using different media.
Very close to nature and human beings, Lauranne knows how to capture the light with her lens as well as an emotion with a pen.
Passionnée de photographie, d’écriture et de voyage, c’est naturellement que la carrière de Lauranne Gy Renucci s’est tournée vers le journalisme. Photo journalisme, vidéo, timelaps, cette correspondante freelance, sait manipuler différents formats numériques. Très attachée à la nature et à l’humain, Lauranne sait aussi bien capter un rayon de soleil avec son objectif, qu’une émotion avec sa plume.

Lauranne has shot and edited a few different projects for us (Filmmakers Alliance). She has a wonderful eye, a very dynamic aesthetic and a feel for story-telling rhythm. Most of the previous work I’ve seen of hers are photographs and photo essays which clearly demonstrate her unique talent. Among the many filmmakers we work with at Filmmakers Alliance, Lauranne possesses elite potential.

Lauranne is very focused and attentive to detail, which is very much prized in the work that we do. Her english is not perfect, but it is very strong and she finds a way to communicate clearly and with nuance, no matter how she needs to do it. I am very excited about the project she wants to do because she’ll imbue it with both a unique outsider’s perspective and her distinctive aesthetic perspective. She has the talent, skills and emotional/intellectual focus, grit and stamina to deliver this project both successfully and brilliantly.

Beyond the belief that she has all the qualifications to create an incredible doc, it’s important that you know she is not alone in the endeavor. Filmmakers Alliance pledges our vast creative and practical support to Lauranne, something she’s earned through her previous work and level of accomplishment.
— Jacques Thelemaque. Screenwriter and director best known as the president of the Los Angeles film collective Filmmakers Alliance.

I know Lauranne and I know her work. My experience working in cinema has given me a deep understanding of the difference between a film maker with a good eye and one with a unique eye that is able to tell a story without artifice and be able to show them in their real form; natural but also intense. This is what makes Lauranne a very rare talent.

Lauranne has the capacity to bring this project to completion. She has the desire, urgency and organizational skills. She is able to capture with a single look and word an entire world. Because she is a professional, she is always able to articulate her needs, because she knows how to make her ideas and imagination come to life in a way for all to understand.

Lauranne, has talent, she has a lot of it and her talent needs to be nourished and encouraged.
— Cristiano Taviglioni, Paolo Sorrentino's Film Editor
Conosco Lauranne e conosco il suo lavoro, la mia esperienza di lavoro nel cinema mi ha portato a capire cosa è un buono sguardo e cosa è invece uno sguardo unico capace di raccontare le cose senza artificio rendendole allo stesso tempo vere, naturali, ma anche nuove e intense, questo sa fare Laurenne, è un talento molto raro.

Lauranne è in grado di portare questo progetto a termine? Sì, lo è, perché ne ha l’urgenza ed anche la capacità organizzativa. perché è in grado con una sola parola ed uno scatto di comunicare un mondo intero, perché è una professionista., perché è instacabile perché è semplice e articolata nel comunicare cosa vuole, perché sa dare un volto chiaro e cristallino alla sua fantasia, la esprime e permette a tutti di capirla.

Una sola cosa, Lauranne ha talento, tanto, il talento va incoraggiato
— Cristiano Taviglioni, Paolo Sorrentino's Film Editor
Lauranne has a perseverance and strength that is hard to find in any human being. The combination of her determination with her talent is what makes her an extraordinary artist.

She will tread through rivers in the freezing cold just to get that one perfect shot and she will do it no matter what. Even when battling a bad flu, she will grab her equipment if the light is right or the coverage can only be gotten in that moment.

I have witnessed her take her camera in a winter storm and shoot when sick.

I was so determined to work with Lauranne that I wrote a supporting letter to USCIS in support of her working Visa. I have since collaborated with Lauranne most recently for a Producers Guild of America Film shoot at Kaufmann Studios for Sesame Street Behind the Scenes - I referred her to be the official reportage camera. Her work will be shown to the members of The Producers Guild of America. This is a responsibility I do not take lightly but I know Lauranne’s work and I trust both her talent, eye, artistry and dependency.
— Sabina Maschi - Producer, Casting Director, Actress, Voice Over Artist